New York City…. A City That Never Sleeps


You are in New York City…The Big Apple… The city that never sleeps. You would want to be a part of this beautiful and mesmerizing city. You have the capability to do that, but a few problems are there which should be discussed firstly while you visit NYC.

New York City is said to be a city where you live your whole life and will not see the whole city. There are bunch of parks, so many landmarks, dozens of museums, galleries and countless restaurants that are waiting for you in this city. But firstly you have to plan for your transportation which is one of the most problematic things during your journey. Don’t be panic we will guide you through this. A+ limousine will help you out in tackling your transportation problem by providing you comfortable, luxurious, time efficient, relatively cheap and stylish NYC limo service which will ultimately just a call away from you.

While you are a visitor to this gem of the world, we will guide through you to the important spots, which you might like to visit during your stay in NYC. Here are some of the spots which should be visited by a visitor in the city that never sleeps…

Statue of Liberty:

This statue is the most famous symbol of democracy and freedom around the globe. Statue stands tall on the Liberty Island and look straight into eyes of New York Harbour. This statue was a gift from France as a friendship symbol on American independence in 1846. The view of the Harbour from the statue is unbelievable. The boating facility is operational from end of July to early September. Just catch a boat at 8:30 am, any day of the week from either Battery Park in Lower Manhattan or Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ.

Empire State Building:

The Empire State Building was one of the tallest buildings of the world once. It truly touches the skies with 102 storeys. It contains two decks, a main deck at 86th floor and a top deck at 102nd. You could see the charming New York City while standing on the deck. It will be a fascinating experience for sure.

Rockefeller Center:

This building is a class act of art lovers for art lovers. The Rockefeller Center is a cultural as well as a commercial hub of US. Sculptures and work of art is appreciated by art lovers while Radio City Music Hall offers tours and performances.

Times Square:

Times Square is situated in Mid-Manhattan and it is packed with attractions of shops, restaurants, and cafés. It surely is famous for its New Year celebrations but Madame Tussauds, Ripley’s Believe it or not!, Hard Rock Café and Discovery Times Square are all part of this square. Music, lighting, hustle and bustle, clubs all can be seen here in one place.

Central Park:

You have seen this park in TV serials and movies but Central Park situated in the center of the Manhattan is even more beautiful in real life. It covers an area of 843 acres with lush green parks to lakes, ponds, pools, and ravines. It radiates the essence of the Big Apple.

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