New York City truly is the city that never sleeps.

With something happening around every corner, it can be easy to get caught up in the latest shows, red carpet events, and pop-up art exhibits.

But, what about when you want to slow things down?

For those who like a balance of greenery and quiet spaces in the midst of Manhattan, Central Park isn’t the only place to go.

Here are a few of the best parks in NYC not everyone knows about.

1. Bryant Park

Okay, this first one is pretty common. But, it still has a well-deserved spot on our list of the best parks in NYC.

Bryant Park is the perfect mix of a natural oasis and the excitement of the city. It’s located in the heart of Midtown, and always has a fun, relaxing activity to enjoy.

Instead of fighting for the best Broadway tickets, catch a live theater performance at Bryant Park in the summer.

You can also plan a quick lunch date on the lawn, or do some yoga to start your weekend.

2. The High Line

The High Line is home to lovely gardens, outdoor sculptures, and a great view of the Hudson.

Open to West Side outdoor lovers since the 1930s, it was finally completed in 2014.

Today, visitors can enjoy rotating sculpture displays each season.

There’s also a food court to make your picnic planning much easier.

You might want to bring an extra set of lawn chairs, though. There are a limited amount available to the public.

3. Riverside Park

Did a view of the Hudson peak your interest?

You can take it all in with a stroll in Riverside Park, which is just a few blocks from Central Park.

Riverside, though, has all the adventure you want without the overload of tourists, making it one of the best parks in NYC. Take your bike to turn things up a notch, or slow down with someone special under a tree.

There are also gardens, playgrounds, and a bar to enjoy all the marina’s views up close.

4. East River State Park

Just outside the city, 7 acres of green grass are waiting to host you and your date’s picnic.

Or, turn it into a family affair with the park’s barbecue platforms and picnic tables.

However big or small your group is, try to come on a summer Saturday. Every weekend, artsy vendors and food trucks line the park to get your business.

Either way, you always get to sit back and enjoy the city skyline in all its glory!

5. Gramercy Park

Looking for something a little more intimate?

You can’t do better than Gramercy Park.

This area of the city is so exclusive, there are a limited amount of keys available to get inside! Not to worry, though, a night as a Gramercy Park Hotel guest will get you in.

The effort is worth the cozy moments and beautiful views waiting here.

Discover the Best Parks in NYC in Style

No matter which park you plan to visit first, be sure to arrive in style.

For special dates and family outings alike, it pays to make all the details matter.

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Choosing the Best Car Service the Right Way

Well, you have finally decided to hire a gorgeous limousine for your special event. With so many limo companies available on the market, do you wonder how to find the best one? This article aims to make your choice easier and help you pick the most reliable car service.

  • Reviews. Choosing the right limo for your wedding, prom, bachelor’s party, or birthday party, is as important as the event itself. Start your search by asking all your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances if they have used such a service recently. Furthermore, you can do an online research. Look for nice websites with information about rates, working hours, business and email addresses, as well as phone and fax numbers. Always look for licensed companies.
  • Phone calls. After you have chosen a few credible companies, it is time to make phone calls. Ask about their years in this business. You are not searching for amateurs, right? Your special occasion needs an experienced and well-trained chauffeur who knows what he is doing and will make sure you and your guests are not late. Ask if the company is licensed. A licensed company employs drivers with clean driving records who have the proper training and expertise. Liability insurance to cover passengers is another thing you need to take into account.
  • Face-to-face meetings. Once you have managed to narrow down your choice to two or three potential companies, it is time to talk to their representatives face-to-face. You can ask to see the legitimate permits. Do not just trust someone’s word. Afterward, ask to look at their fleet. Do you see a variety of clean, shiny, and well-maintained vehicles? Any prosper company would offer different size limos for different occasions. It is time to talk about prices. Price is obviously an important factor. Do not choose too cheap bids. That usually means that either the chauffeurs are inexperienced or they do not have a license to offer their services legally. Most limousine companies charge by an hour, so be specific about the time you want to hire a limo for. Ask if the drivers are trained and if safe driving is their top priority.

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Make Your Ceremony Spectacular with NYC Wedding Limo Service

If you are thinking of renting a limo for your wedding, why not take it up a notch with NYC Wedding Limo? You will have the option of a glorious range of vehicles that are specially designed to take your wedding to the next level and truly make this a day you will never forget.

Hiring NYC Wedding Limo Service, you will have the ride you always dreamed of as these comfortable and luxurious vehicles make your day even more amazing. On your wedding day, you want every detail to be perfect and A + Limousine is the perfect way to add that personal touch that your bride or groom will love.

Come In Style:

You’ll arrive at your wedding with the utmost entrance and leave your guests in awe as you go beyond from Wedding limo looking like a vision from a dream. You’ll be able to drive slowly around town with your professional Limo Chauffeur without a care in the world, enjoying this special moment in your life.

With A + Limousine, you will be the talk of the town as heads will turn when they see you roll up in an expensive ride that is fitting for the day at hand. You only have one chance to make this day memorable and NYC Wedding Limo can make this happen for you.

Wedding limo in nyc

Photos Session:

Just think about the amazing pictures you will have in front of a Wedding Limousine. You won’t have that dated party limo as your backdrop as A + limo offer you the use of extraordinary vehicles that you just don’t see riding on the road every day. Choose from a Rolls Royce from every era or a Porsche to get you to your wedding in style and make those pictures beyond amazing.

You’ll be able to pose with these exotic wedding limos and have wedding photos that you will remember forever. You’ll remember every second of your wedding with these dashing vehicles that will make your wedding day even more special.

No one will believe their eyes when you roll up in Wedding Limo Service in New York that just puts the finishing touch on your wedding day festivities.

Obviously, your wedding day is no doubt one of the biggest events of your life and you need that time to process everything that is happening around. You will be able to slip away for those special moments with your bride or groom as we provide the perfect spot to love each other and this special day.

You will have the privacy you need with Wedding Limo as your professional chauffeur allows you to connect with each other while they take you on a ride around town and get you where you need to go in style.

About Aplus Limousine:

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3 Occasions That Call for a Limousine Service in New York

When it comes to getting around the city of New York, unplanned road trips and cruising along the highways come to mind. While any event could technically call for a limousine service in NY, hiring Limousine service is almost always the top of mind choice when it comes to the following occasions:

1.Weddings Functions:

Whether it’s on magazines,television or in real life, a Luxurious Limousine is still concept of as the perfect bridal car. Limousine services are also commonly hired for wedding shoots. Sure, Couples will have different reasons for using a limousine service but the most will fall on the desire to make a memorable riding experience for the this Lovely day, something that an ordinary car service can’t provide. It’s amazing and memorable moment when arriving at the venue and driving away to a new beginning of life in a limousine with modern amenities – just like how it often plays out in the movies. And for couples who has a plan to get married in New York, they have every reason to be excited about availing of a Aplus Limousine Service for their wedding day, as riding in a limousine has never been as within reach as it is today to the public.

  1. Road shows

Road shows are events that are generally promotional in nature, such aspublicizing a much-awaited theatrical release publishing a new book. Like how it should be on a newly-wedded couple that drives off into the sunset in a limousine car, bridal and groom should ride in a limousine to herald their arrival to a big event. In A + Limousine service for road shows is quite common. Many large cities such as New York, Albany and Rochester share similar practices for road shows as well. As Compared to ordinary vehicles service, the use of limousines by far leaves the most desirable impression on the public. On the part of celebrities and significant figures, they can personally vouch just how Luxurious and comfortable, reliable riding a limousine is; a Limousine service is especiallyappropriate for them when travelling between long distances due to the nature of the road show.

  1. Limousine Service in Corporate events

Organizations put a premium on establishing an awesome first connection, and in New York, a Limousine benefit never neglects to accomplish precisely that. Corporate events can range from product launches and IPOs to press conferences and media briefings. As A + LimousineService is home to major business hubs, it’s normal to see business executives alighting from some of the most luxurious limousines in the streets. For business leaders, a limousine service is one of the best ways they can show importance to investors and other stakeholders, for instance. A limousine service isn’t merely just for transportation or getting around the city of New York after all, it’s also availed of to provide passengers the ultimate VIP experience.

As mentioned, any event in New York can technically call for the use of a Limousine service such as a birthday party or a family get-together. The important thing here is that more people realize they have the option to pamper themselves with such a service around New York.

About Us

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How to Save on New York City Limo Service?

New York City is one of the busiest cities of the world where millions of tourists and thousands of business people can be seen at the same time. People have special attraction towards this city to arrange prom parties, marriage ceremonies and bachelor parties because of nonstop fun and entertainment in the city. New York City never sleeps is the best quote to define the city in one sentence. New York City limo service increase the beauty of your event organized in this city. They add colors in your entertainment and fun at lowest possible price. It is normal expectations that limo services in New York are so costly and it is out of range for an average traveler. As far as my opinion is concern, it is not complete truth. You can save much if you follow some of the important tips.

Book Limo Services in Advance

The rational travelers always book limo in advance. You can Google some companies in the New York that offer limo services. You will see number of companies offering same services at different rates. You will also find some companies are offering huge discounts on the limo services for booking in advance. Your travel agency can also facilitate in this matter or you can visit their official website to get deal. You can choose the best suited limousine model depending upon your needs and requirements. You will find different companies have different options to choose. You are free to choose standard limousine or the extra stretched limo as per your requirement. The standard limousine can carry eight people and the extra stretched limousine is designed to carry 16 people at a time.

Add Special Needs at the Time of Order

Some enjoy their journey with a specific wine and music and some want baby carrier and so on. If you will ask such things during your travel or when you have already booked limousine, you will have to pay extra for such facilities. Therefore it is always recommended to ask such things at the time of booking and add them in your order. It will reduce your cost almost half instead of placing order during or before starting travel. Moreover limo is always hired on hour’s basis. If you want your one hour in arranging such things, you will have to pay for the extra time you need to reach at your destination.

Define the Route Plan

You must have a clear route plan to avoid extension cost. It is more important to carry the map when you are traveling in the New York very first time. It is normally seen that New York City limo service companies are loyal with their customers but you should also be a rational traveler. Some time it is seen that companies take long route and charge extension cost to the people don’t know the exact address. This is unethical and you cannot expect loyalty from every company in the world.